National Decentralisation Implementation Secretariat

Objectives of NDIS

Identify, coordinate, harmonize and support all stakeholders contributing to DIP implementation, especially Local Governments, and the specialized units for implementation of decentralization in MINECOFIN and MIFOTRA, decentralization Focal Points in Ministries and Provinces, Private Sector actors, Civil Society organizations and Development Partners.

•Implement and monitor, in close collaboration with MINALOC staff, the national level activities under the responsibility of MINALOC as described in the activity plan of the DIP.

•Draft annual work plans for the DIP to be submitted to the Decentralization Committee and the PSC;

•Liaise with and support GoR institutions to fully integrate decentralization principles in their areas of responsibility.

•Actively support Local Governments in DIP implementation by, among others, liaising with them through the LGCF and the Joint Action Development Forum (JADF) and by ensuring that adequate resources are mobilized for them.

•Facilitate effective engagement of the Civil Society and the Private Sector in DIP implementation through, among others, information sharing, promoting transparency in decision-making processes and reinforcing their capacities.

•Implement decisions taken by the NDSF, the LGCF, the DC and the PSC.

•Ensure that the management and funding arrangements defined in the DIP are established and operational.

•Monitor DIP implementation according to the defined M&E framework, prepare reviews and submit progress reports (narrative and financial) to MINALOC, the NDSC, the DC and the PSC.

•Establish and manage the DIP Basket Fund in line with the financing agreements signed with contributing partners.

•Share and disseminate information related to the implementation of the decentralization process with all stakeholders at central and local level.

•Mobilize resources for the DIP.

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