National Decentralisation Implementation Secretariat

Administration and Finance Unit

-  Plan and supervise implementation of various DIP activities funded through the DIPBF; support co-ordination of DIPBF funded activities with other ongoing initiatives of the DIP; provide inputs for elaboration of DIPBF plans and progress reports.

-  Undertake day to day supervision of support staff activities

-  Oversee the preparing of the personnel payroll ;

-  Prepare monthly bank reconciliation statements and submitting them to the NDIS Coordination for appreciation;

-  Facilitate claims payment processing;

-  Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual NDIS accounts/financial reports;

-  Set up and manage the financial management system for the DIPBF in line with GoR procedures and taking account of all fiduciary risks and opportunities to strengthen internal controls;

-  Manage budget allocations, payments, transfers, bank reconciliations, accounts, internal audit, facilitation of biannual external audits and maintenance of financial records;

-  Where necessary, coach fund recipients including Local Governments on accounting requirements for the DIPBF;

-  Act as the principal interface for internal audits and review of accounts;

-  Establish, enhance and following the execution of internal financial controls;

-  Guide the preparing and managing the NDIS periodic operational budget;

-  Handle day to day staff of NDIS logistics and equipment requirements;

-  Ensure follow up of administrative and social welfare requirements of all NDIS personnel;

-  Design and ensure implementation of human resource development programs for all NDIS personnel;

-  Manage the equipment, material and finances of NDIS;

-  Follow up and arrange all travel arrangements (internal and external) for the NDIS personnel;

-  Administrate the provision of logistics for consultation activities i.e. make proper and timely arrangements for seminars, workshops, meetings etc. in which NDIS will be engaged;

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