National Decentralisation Implementation Secretariat

Capacity Building Unit

-  Establish an inventory of who is doing what and where in decentralization capacity development at sub-national level;

-  Ensure periodic reporting of the Capacity Building interventions and outputs in the field of decentralization to the relevant stakeholders (NDSF, NDIS team, development partners, focal points for decentralization……) and provide relevant advice where necessary;

-  Initiate and design a coordination mechanism among sectoral ministries concerning coordination of capacity building interventions related to implementation of decentralization policy;

-  Develop and implement a capacity building program for the national level to manage the implementation of the decentralization from central to local level;

-  In collaboration with MINALOC and other relevant stakeholders, facilitate the development and implementation of a sustainable national capacity building program for District and Sector levels to manage implementation of decentralization, in accordance with the capacity gaps identified at sub-national levels;

-  Facilitate the development of a system aimed at regularly assessing capacity gaps in the management of decentralization implementation at central and local level;

-  Ensure harmonization of different stakeholders’ approaches for Capacity Building of LGs with specific guidelines, manuals and toolboxes;

-  Undertake any initiative to facilitate coordinated capacity building in decentralized entities;

-  Develop, produce and disseminate brochures and guidelines in the field of capacity Building at sub-national structures;

-  Facilitate development of a comprehensive national decentralization training program, training modules and planning for implementation country wide;

-  Establish a network of trainers specialized in the field of decentralization to implement and continuously adapt training in decentralization.

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