National Decentralisation Implementation Secretariat

Governance and Service Delivery Unit

-  Support development and strengthening of systems to ensure efficient service delivery, community participation, accountability and transparency in Local Governments;

-  Promote and support activities for education and sensitization of decentralization stakeholders at local level;

-  Support establishment and reinforcement of processes for regular participatory reviews and dissemination of progress of local development actions, and of processes to enhance transparency in local administration;

-  Support harmonization and strengthening of performance management systems to enhance accountability and efficiency in public service delivery;

-  Liaise and work closely with the relevant Line Ministries and other government institutions to define service standards and reinforce the related accountability mechanisms;

-  Analyse and propose improvements for roles and responsibilities allocated to various administrative levels in the area of service delivery and service coordination;

-  Analyse existing accountability mechanisms in public service provision at local level and propose possible improvements;

-  Help by developing an adequate M&E system for the governance and public service delivery with a reliable set of results-oriented indicators;

-  Support planning, organization and coordination of Citizen Report Cards and Community Score Cards surveys in Districts;

-  Coordinate the process for the preparation and elaboration of a manual and guidelines for quality service provision to citizens at the local level;

-  Improve information system between service providers and service users;

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