National Decentralisation Implementation Secretariat

Legal and Procedures Unit

-  Work in close collaboration with the legal expert of MINALOC for issues pertaining to decentralization legal affairs/environment;

-  Review current national policy, legal and institutional frameworks and recommend areas for improvement to better align them with inter-sectoral and multi-sectoral decentralization principles;

-  Support Line Ministries, other national institutions and decentralization stakeholders (public sector, civil society, private sector) in understanding, incorporating and implementing decentralization principles in their area and level of intervention;

-  Work in close collaboration with the Planning, Policy and Capacity Building Unit of MINALOC for issues pertaining to implementation of RDSF/DIP;

-  Provide support to MINALOC in holding dialogue with decentralization stakeholders on systems for regular coordination, harmonization, monitoring and evaluation of implementation of decentralization practices at all levels of governance;

-  Monitor level of compliance of decentralization stakeholders, with a focus on Line Ministries, with policies, rules and regulations of decentralization;

-  Analyze and review legal and institutional framework for inter-sectoral and multi-sectoral decentralization;

-  Reinforce mechanisms to increase the level of representation of civil and private actors in national and local decision-making bodies;

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