National Decentralisation Implementation Secretariat

Local Community Development Unit

-  Strengthen mechanisms for good partnerships of public institutions with civil society, private sector and grass-root organizations;

-  Promote representation of private and civil actors in national and local decision-making bodies;

-  Review and reinforce citizen consultative mechanisms at local level;

-  Support strengthening/establishment of mechanisms to ensure citizen’s participation is mainstreamed into Local Government activities;

-  Reinforce education and sensitization of local stakeholders (NGOs, CBOs, private sector,…) on their rights, roles, responsibilities, as well as modalities and mechanisms for participation;

-  Develop and implement capacity development programs for CSOs, CBOs and private sector to support implementation of the decentralization process and their participation in public administration;

-  Develop capacities of women and youth councils and vulnerable groups to engage in community management structures;

-  Promote innovative community-based and local development initiatives;

-  Enhance use of an integrated approach towards DDPs implementation in line with national policies and local development priorities;

-  Help by developing an adequate M&E system for the local and community development with a reliable set of results-oriented indicators;

-  Promote effective community involvement in investment project implementation and maintenance.

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