National Decentralisation Implementation Secretariat

Local Fiscal and Finance decentralization Unit

-  Work in close collaboration with and provide support to the Local Administration and Local Finance Unit of MINALOC, the Common Development Fund (CDF) and liaise with MINECOFIN for issues pertaining to implementation of PFM reforms;

-  Supervise and support all DIP activities with a significant PFM focus;

-  Contribute to reinforce mechanisms for fiscal and financial transfers to Local Governments;

-  Contribute to strengthen LG operational framework for tax and non-tax revenue collection and to build their PFM capacities especially in revenue mobilization and diversification;

-  Strengthen mechanisms for budgeting, auditing, accounting, revenue collection and inter-governmental resources transfers, in line with good governance principles of accountability and transparency;

-  Provide advise for implementation and refinement of the existing fiscal Decentralization Policy and for strengthening the budget cycle at the local government level;

-  Regularly analyze financial accounting and audit reports of LGs and provide feedback to Districts and MINALOC/MINECOFIN, suggesting required improvements to attain better performances;

-  Assist NDIS staff in monitoring the implementation of financial decentralization and give advise on activities to be undertaken for the smooth functioning of the process;

-  Help by developing an adequate M&E system for the financial Decentralization process with a reliable set of results-oriented indicators;

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