National Decentralisation Implementation Secretariat

M&E and MIS Unit

-  Facilitate the building of a national and sub-national decentralization monitoring and evaluation system with clear indicators, responsibilities and data provision by all and to all stakeholders;

-  Monitor progress in the implementation of the 5-year RDSF/DIP and ensure periodic reporting to MINALOC, the PSC and the NDSF;

-  Manage joint annual reviews of DIP implementation including field visits to LGs;

-  Develop and update tools, manuals and guidelines for M&E of development action at local level in close collaboration with MINALOC counterparts;

-  Manage the development of a system for management of information (MIS) and reporting on DIP implementation results to the relevant stakeholders (NDIS, NDSF, development partners…) in particular for the purpose of annual joint reviews, EDPRS-APRs, and the overall attainment of objectives country wide;

-  Plan, manage and coordinate all activities related to monitoring and evaluation for the decentralization process in close collaboration with MINALOC counterparts;

-  Create, document and regularly up-date a database of institutions and bodies intervening in decentralization in Rwanda in close collaboration with MINALOC counterparts;

-  Make diagnostic analysis of the documentation, communication and information systems of the decentralized administrative structures and propose improvements;

-  Facilitate the conception and the setting up of a Management Information System and the implementation of the new information technologies at the decentralized level;

-  Ensure efficient and effective information networking between and among all stakeholders in the decentralization process;

-  Facilitate the creation of systems for recording, managing and using information related to implementation of the decentralization policy;

-  Set up and manage a robust monitoring and evaluation system for utilization of DIPBF funds;

-  Manage collection and consolidation of data on inputs and outputs against the agreed work plans for the use of DIPBF available resources and prepare program progress reports for the PSC and the DC;

-  In collaboration with other members of NDIS team and any other decentralization stakeholders perform other duties related to M&E and MIS for local governance as required.

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